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Service Revolution Is For You If...

Why is it FREE?

For complete transparency, Presentation Profits is FREE to attend because once you know what these 12 case studies did, you may still want to attend one of our courses to help you implement the gameplan share with you and, if so we would be delighted to work with you more closely.

However you do not need to buy any of our courses. In fact, we encourage you to attend this virtual presentation, make copious notes and implement what we show you because it will rapidly accelerate the growth of your new or existing business.

About Your Presenter:

Andy Harrington is a Sunday Times best selling author. He has spoken in giant arenas around the world including The London o2 Arena.

He has worked with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Nadia Swarovski, Hollywood movie stars and two presidents of the United States (even though he lives in the United Kingdom).

He is the founder of The Professional Speakers Academy and has launched or accelerated the coaching, consulting, and expert advisory services of thousands of people worldwide.

He has been featured in The Times, Forbes Magazine, GQ Magazine and a documentary on the BBC1.

His no nonsense, down to earth advice makes it easy for anyone wanting to grow an advice sharing business.

Discover The Psychological Secrets Embedded Within A Presentation These 12 Unknown 'Experts' Used That...

  • Could be delivered virtually (from the comfort of their own home) or the boardroom of a clients office.

  • Opened up sceptical minds so they become receptive.

  • Positioned them as the expert they wanted to receive advice from.

  • Showcased their solution as the ‘perfect fit’ for their clients current situation.

  • Shifted the mental blocks that would otherwise prevent people from buying.

  • Inspired people to action through personal, case-study or anecdotal stories.

  • Used their vocal variety to evoke feelings of reassurance and trust

  • Used visual aids to enhance the key points of their message.

  • Here’s What These 12 Case Studies Did...

    Steven Green:

    Starting Point: Left the army and wanted to become a motivational coach.

    What we did together: Created an inspirational content-rich presentation.

    Where is he now: Made over 7 million in sales from a standing start.

    Sammy Blindell:

    Starting Point: Burnt out full service marketing agency owner.

    What we did together: Extracted from her head her genius and turned it into a course instead.

    Where is he now: Made over 13 million in sales from a single presentation selling her courses.

    Simon Coulson:

    Starting Point: Owned an internet marketing training company.

    What we did together: Built one single serve & sell presentation that doubled his conversion.

    Where is he now: Made millions and now teaches people how to write songs.

    Nick James:

    Starting Point: Failing part-time coaching business that was losing money.

    What we did together: Taught him how to sell coaching and training with a presentation.

    Where is he now: Owns a thriving 8-figure training and coaching company.

    Jessen James:

    Starting Point: Owned a successful hair salon but was bored and wanted a new challenge.

    What we did together: Transitioned into a business advisor selling training courses.

    Where is he now: Makes 2 million a year doing what he loves.

    Fiona Challis:

    Starting Point: Working 1-2-1 as a coach to blue-chip corporates

    What we did together: Built a training out of her knowledge and designed a presentation to sell it.

    Where is he now: Made over a million and now has a 2nd course on finding love..!

    Paul Preston:

    Starting Point: Working as a cleaner, making £6 per hour & part time property investor.

    What we did together: Built a training course on property investment and a presentation to sell it.

    Where is he now: Made over 8-figures, so has now become an actor in movies..!

    Michelle Watson:

    Starting Point: London Underground train driver, part time life coach and author.

    What we did together: Built a full-time business as a book writing trainer/coach

    Where is he now: Makes over 6-figures a year, owns property in Jamaica..!

    Mat Wilson:

    Starting Point: Sales person making £16,000 per year with an interest in marketing.

    What we did together: Taught him to create and sell marketing services through events...!

    Where is he now: Made £979,000 in his first year.

    Dawn McGruer:

    Starting Point: Social media manager but her presentations not converting into clients.

    What we did together: Created the Dynamic Digital Marketing Mandates framework with a presentation that sells it.

    Where is he now: Award winning 7-figure marketing expert.

    Georgia Kirke:

    Starting Point: Fledgling book writing coach just starting out.

    What we did together: Built a webinar to sell a £2,000 and £20,000 service.

    Where is he now: An award winning, multi-million pound book coach.

    Sally Lawson:

    Starting Point: Letting agency owner.

    What we did together: Built a training program for letting agents to grow their business.

    Where is he now: Sells a program worth £27,000 and has made £12 million total.